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Your Certified Full-Feature Manufacturer. River Run Foods operates a FSMA driven, state-of-the-art, USDA and FDA approved food processing facility. We provide comprehensive product development and custom packaging in a variety of sizes and configurations. Shelf-stable custom dressings, sauces, salsas, condiments, soups and broths are our main focus.

Our certified research and development staff works with you through each step of your product's development. Whether it is custom-made with your formula, one of our own in-house formulas with your label, or a custom blend developed just for you, we will help you analyze all of your options. Just tell us where you are on your journey to the marketplace.

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Product | SAMPLES
"I Have
A Concept"

You've got a hot new product idea - and you're interested in taking it into production..

"I Have
A Recipe"

You've created a great new recipe - received rave reviews - and are ready to go into production.

"I'm Ready To Extend
My Brand"

You have a successful brand and want to extend it with line extensions into your distribution channels.

"I Need
More Capacity"

You're successfully running at capacity and are seeking additional reliable production.

Our Tetra Recart packaging solutions will help you succeed.

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As a food pack provider, we have vast experience working in the following industries.

Food Packing Services
That Help Customers Grow.

Our Commitment to quality is unmatched.

Certified Process

Inovation through custom recipes, tailored to your companies growth. HACCP - USDA - FDA certified with reliable delivery.

Product Samples

High Acid Glass Foods, Gourmet Sauces, Condiments, we can supply you with what you need to move the ball.

Manufacturing Logistics

High-speed filling, custom formulated, liquid or viscous, we help make it happen.

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