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Less Weight Means Higher Profit

Light Weight — A Heavy Argument

With River Run Foods & Tetra Recart packages your soup or sauce becomes a lightweight — with ˜60% less weight than a can*. This helps you save 10-20% in outbound distribution compared to cans. Moreover, it cut costs on transportation and lowers your carbon emissions.

*Package material weight for 400 g packages.

Thinking Inside The Box

Easily Shippable Food Packs For Online Success

Thanks to their smart rectangular shape and light weight, Tetra Recart packages are extremely efficient to transport. You can fit 10-20% more units per box. As an online retailer, your responsibility for product quality is extended from the warehouse or store to the consumer's doorstep. The balance is critical: packaging must be sufficiently light for easy transportation, while sturdy enough to protect the product from being damaged by other items in the delivery.

The Consumer Friendly Package

Convenience For Everyone, Every Day.

The popularity of online food shopping – not only groceries but also meal kits, prepared food and even pet food – is increasing rapidly. This trend is partly driven by continuing urbanization. Urban dwellers with busy lives are seeking ways to simplify their everyday lives. They want to save time shopping and cooking, or simply avoid having to plan meals. E-groceries and meal kits are among the new food solutions meeting this demand. River Run Foods Tetra Recart packaging can give your Food Brand the ability to meet, and exceed, these cosumer demands.

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