Your New Process Packaging Source
Hand-Crafted Premium Private Label
Foods, Sauces, and Condiments


  • Single Serve Skillet Meals
  • Delicous Simmer Sauces
  • Custom Formulations
  • Improved Logistics

Introducing Gusseted Pouches

The Perfect Meal Pouch

Finally. Families of four can enjoy delicious and nutritious culinary meals for less than the cost of fast-food take-out. And now you can profit from America’s growing demand for delicious single-serve skillet dinners, sauces, and gravies in flexible environmentally-friendly pouch packaging. Great flavor. Less waste. Saves space.

Boost Your Meal Business
River Run Foods brings you all the advantages of this perfect “meal pouch.” Introducing high-acid shelf-stable sauces custom packaged in gusseted free-standing pouches. We’ll work with your marketing group to create custom formulations for your brand. Boost your meal business while we support you with complete back-of-store logistics for improved life-cycle management – resulting in greater cost efficiencies and higher yields for you. Precisely custom formulated and packaged for your brand.

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Complete Logistical Support
Reduce your transportation costs. Reduce your environmental impact and your resource demand. Discover this profitable new alternative to cans and cardboard packaging. Your savings are “in the bag!”

Have It Your Way
Let River Run Foods prepare your own proprietary formulas – or choose from our vast array of custom formulations. All packaged in our Gusseted Pouches featuring full-color custom-labeling options. Large and small runs.
Call today for your custom quote!

Jams & Jellies

NEW! Small Batch Hand-Crafted Jars

Our custom gourmet preserves now come to you in these popular small-serving glass jars – complete with your custom-branded labeling. Or select from our own proprietary formulations. Either way, with over 100 years of experience filling custom formulated jams, jellies and marmalades, your River Run Foods certified manufacturing team helps you eliminate the enormous expense and responsibility of operating a production facility – while enabling you to devote your time to the management and marketing of your own delicious branded favorites.

Your Trusted Food Partner. Most manufacturers make foods under their own brand. At River Run Foods, we’re solely dedicated to our customers and our customers’ brands. We’re the private label co-packer, who exclusively formulates and processes custom products to our customers’ specifications – with their own formulas.

Your Assurance

  • Total Manufacturing Agility.
  • Decreased Overhead. Added Capacity.
  • Custom Packaging - Let Us Do It For You!


Our River Run Foods team fully adheres to our proprietary custom recipes. This means multiple test batches. River Run Foods technicians take the time to carefully process our exclusive formulations. We've come to count on their complete reliability."

- Ben H., Alloud Foods